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Torridge and West Devon Liberal Democrats

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Here in Torridge, we have two active Lib Dem branches: one in Torrington and one in Bideford, including Northam, Westward Ho! and Appledore. These branches meet regularly to support our town and district councillors - and those aspiring to be elected - in reaching out to our communities and campaigning on local issues.

Cost of living

The Lib Dems have calculated that escalating fuel costs will cost Torridge households an extra £735 per year on average. This is on top of National Insurance, Council Tax rises, and inflation expected to rise to 8% or more this year. Lib Dems believe the Government response has been far too complacent. Our plans for tackling the cost-of-living crisis will be funded by a windfall tax on the excessive profits of large energy companies.


We are caught here in Torridge between rising prices and the attractiveness of our area for visitors and incomers. We support the proper regulation and fair taxation of holiday homes. We want to see targets set specifically for social homes to rent and will continue to object to inappropriate housing developments which fail to deliver affordable homes in our area.

Stop sewage dumping

The number of times raw sewage was pumped illegally into our rivers and seas rose by 37% between 2019 and 2020. South West Water is one of the worst offenders, with one storm overflow in Bideford spilling 326 times for a total of 1,832 hours or 76 days. This is a threat to our health, our natural environment, and our tourist economy. We welcome scrutiny by Torridge District Council of the number of spillages in our area.

Lib Dems propose a 16% sewage tax on sewage companies' £2.2 billion annual profits to improve our sewage system and protect our rivers and sea.

Backing farmers

British farmers and food producers are being hit with spiralling costs and unfair competition as a result of trade deals which open our markets to cheap, substandard food transported from the other side of the world. For the sake of our communities and our countryside, farmers deserve better. Lib Dems campaign on behalf of farmers, food producers and consumers:

Save Britain's nature

Protecting the environment and tackling the climate emergency is at the core of what the Liberal Democrats stand for. Here in Torridge, we are especially we are especially at risk from rising sea levels, and our homes, gardens, and countryside are under threat from the exceptional winds, drought, and flooding we have seen in recent years.

The UK should be leading the world in tackling the climate emergency. But the Conservatives are taking us backwards in the fight against climate change.

Liberal Democrats have a comprehensive plan to save the British countryside, green every home, and invest in public transport and electric vehicles. We want Britain to get 80% of its electricity from green energy by 2030.