View of Abbey Bridge

West Devon Liberal Democrats campiagn across the borough for investment in public services, a positive approach to protecting our environment, economic policies that enable local businesses to trade profitably and for health and social services that meet the needs of borough residents.

We meet every month and have a range of events and activities that are focused on building a positive and prosperous community.

At present we are working hard to campaign for far greater investment in schools and colleges in the Borough. The current Conservative government has made decisions that threaten school funding right across Devon and here in West Devon many of our schools are facing tough decisions about cutting activities, coures and even teaching staff. This is compounded by the refusal of the Conservative-led county council to release cash from its reserves to help local schools and colleges deliver the best possible education for local children. If you want to see them invest properly in educating our children for the future then click here and add your name to our campaign.